Almas Mirzakhmetov

Sofware Developer and beginning sci-fi writer
Welcome to my page

Hi, I am a Backend End developer with industry experience making websites, applications. I mainly focus on PHP and JavaScript and have professional experience working with such technologies and languages as Java, Python. In frontend technologies, my experience( and maybe heart) lays in VueJS and React JS. Let me give you, dear guest, a brief intro about how I came to programming.

When I was sophomore, I had encountered a book with barking name something like how to build web-site in a few days. It was kinda 2010th and at that time I knew only about C/C++ programming languages. I should be honest, I did not like them at that time because they were not so funny and interactive as HTML. But back, I believe that C/C++ are the best for those who are concerned about performance. So, I begun with HTML and CSS. I was so excited that decided to create a “whole” web-site. Actually, I did it and it ignited me to learn more about web technologies and programming. So, then goes Perl, PHP, MySQL unix based servers and so on. I think my story are similar most of those who are working as a software developer.

Also, I have been working with lovely Javascript(ECMAScript) framework ExtJS (beginning from version 4.0.0) since 2012. In times I found out this framework as a best solution to build RIA based web-applications. It was and It is , actually in my opinion, stylish, modern Javascript framework that can change the look of your application in a way more solid.

Currently, I am working as a software developer in one perspective startup in my country. I do love to read science fiction and as fact of a matter I love sci-fi movies and all things connected with this stuff. Also I am trying to write my own novel, however the lack of time won’t allow me sit down and write it. Hope one day I will be able to compose a story worth for reading.

Anyway If you have any question be it professional or personal, feel free to contact me any time.

Thank you for an attention!

Github Projects


CRD. 2018-12-26 UPD. 2019-04-21


CRD. 2019-07-15 UPD. 2019-07-21

This is my solutions of some code competition events such as Codeforeces, Hackerrank etc.


CRD. 2019-09-21 UPD. 2019-09-29


CRD. 2018-12-17 UPD. 2019-01-28

crypto currency based on udemy course


CRD. 2018-12-20 UPD. 2018-12-20


CRD. 2019-06-03 UPD. 2019-06-16

learning algorithms and data structures by book R.Lafore. This repo will contain only codes by book with just a little bit modification.


CRD. 2019-11-08 UPD. 2019-11-08

my Kaggle problems solutions


CRD. 2019-03-05 UPD. 2019-03-19

This code is based on Udemy course called Advanced React & Redux.


CRD. 2019-07-04 UPD. 2019-07-04


CRD. 2013-10-21 UPD. 2014-03-10

javascript library to work with matrix and system of linear equations. You can render matrix to browser and make some operation.


CRD. 2019-10-05 UPD. 2019-10-05

The code based on the course from Udemy "Machine Learning from A to Z"


CRD. 2019-07-21 UPD. 2019-08-27


CRD. 2019-09-25 UPD. 2019-09-27